Egyptian Bellydance


Internationally well-known, very popular, very busy belly dancer Nada who has already invited to 12 countries to do workshops for next year. I had a privilege to take her private lesson at her place yesterday. And I got to learn her philosophy and passion on authentic Egyptian belly dance.

I am full of emotions by learning how she cherishes true Egyptian belly dance, nature, lives and love. And I am so happy to know that she values the same thing I believe for NBC.

In this lesson, I was honored to learn Nada’s original choreography with a song of Tito, another world-famous Egyptian belly dancer. I learned the lyrics, Arabic pronunciation and meaning of the song which are all crucial for an Egyptian belly dancer.

I have learned from many different belly dancers in the past. But I am determined that the authentic Egyptian belly dance that Nada is trying to pass on to future generations is the one I would like to pursue the rest of my life as a belly dancer.

And I would love to share what I learn about the genuine Egyptian belly dance with everybody.

Of course, I continue to express my own world by pursuing the original Nico belly dance and the offering dance to Shinto Shrines as well as the Egyptian belly dance.

I understood the reason why the spirits came in to Nada’s dance today.

Now I have one more dream to pursue.
I would like to perform Nada’s Egyptian belly dance with her in Egypt.

I can’t wait for the next private lesson with her.